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Making Repairs To Your Asphalt Parking Lot

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If you are a business owner, you most likely have a parking area that your customers use. You should do routine maintenance on your parking area to keep it from becoming a safety hazard and also to keep it looking nice. Here are some guidelines you can use to keep your parking lot looking sharp year-round.

Walk Through The Lot

You will want to take a stroll around your parking lot to look at the surface for any areas that seem as if they may need repair. If you see any areas that have cracks or holes in them, you will need to make a notation of where they are located so you can come back with repairing materials after the assessment.

Check your parking bumpers to see if any of them are crumbling or cracked so you can prepare new molds of concrete, if needed. Check the parking lines to see if the paint should be reapplied so they can be seen.

Repairing Asphalt

You can use your list to help determine how many materials you will need from the store to be able to fix the damage. You will need to fill in any holes or cracks with a rubberized asphalt sealant. Place it inside a caulking gun and put the tip of the gun down into the crevice as far as you can before squeezing the contents into the crack.

If the hole is large, you will want to fill it using pieces of gravel before adding the asphalt sealant. Push the gravel into the hole using the handle-end of a broom to compact it into place. Add more gravel and repeat until it is to the top of the hole. You can then add the sealant over the gravel. Use a putty knife to spread sealant over the area that is being fixed, making sure to overlap over the edges of the existing asphalt so it will adhere.

Concrete And Paint

If you need to replace your parking bumpers you can construct a new mold from wood boards that are nailed together to make a rectangular shape in the size of the existing bumpers. Remove the old, broken bumper and place the mold in its place. Pour some prepared ready-to-mix concrete into the mold about halfway up the sides of the mold. Add a metal reinforcement bar at this time and cover it with the remaining concrete. Allow it to harden and remove the mold to let the concrete cure.

You can paint your bumpers with a fresh coating of paint to help brighten your lot. You can do the same with the parking lines so that people will know where their allotted space is without question.

For larger projects, consider hiring professional contractors, such as Hals Construction