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3 Door Styles You Have To Try In Your Home

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If your front door is looking a bit lacking when it comes to design and appeal, you don't have to settle for your traditional style. The same can be said for your patio sliding door. Learn about 3 great door styles that you have to try so you can give your home a lot more personality.

French doors

Exterior French doors are great for making your patio much easier to use. Unlike a sliding door, which opens only as wide as a regular door, French doors open with 2 doors to make accessing the outdoors so much easier. You can opt for styles that have full glass panels so you can experience your beautiful landscape from inside, or opt for solid wood versions with ornate designs emblazoned on them for added privacy. French doors are great for opening up your patio space and giving your home a much-needed upgrade

Glass front door

You may want to stick to a classic wood or steel door, but you can do so with a twist. Upgrade to a door style that has a window installed in the top of it, so you can let natural light into your entry way and give your house a welcoming appeal from the outside. If you want a more intimate look, consider bubbled or frosted glass instead of a clear pane, so you can still let light in without the worry that passersby can see inside your home.

Reclaimed wood doors

These types of doors take old wood from barns, older houses, and other building structures to create a unique pattern and style that is all your own. Use these doors in various areas of your home, such as for your front door or as an entry into your family or living room. The older the wood, the more silvered effect it has, so if you still want a honey or dark brown hue, you may have to go with a stain. Work with your local contractor to find a great reclaimed wood door that you can love to put on display in your home.

Many people don't think of their doors when they consider remodeling their homes. If you are wanting to replace the current doors in your house, keep these great options in mind to make your space appear modern and attractive. Upgrading your doors is a great and simple way to improve the appearance of your home without doing a lot of reconstruction.

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