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Creating A Dream Patio: Why Concrete Is Best

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If you want a patio that is going to look great, but doesn't require a lot of maintenance, decorative concrete is a solid choice. There are a lot of reasons people are choosing to use decorative concrete around the home instead of a wood deck. Below are a few things to consider.

No Splinters or Scratching

The concrete isn't going to develop splinters or scratches like a wood deck can. You don't have to worry about the nails used to hold your deck in place coming loose and causing damage or an injury. The concrete is going to have a smoother surface you can walk with bare feet.

No Pests

There are many pests attracted to wood. If your wood deck isn't sealed properly and gets damp, it could start to dry rot and weaken. Termites, wood ants and bees are just a few of the pests that may want to set up house in your deck. They then could also start to surround or intrude your home. These pests can't get through concrete.

No Warping

Wood is going to warp over time because of humidity and snow and rain. This is going to require maintenance, and it can be a safety hazard. The warping can require you to remove sections of the patio, purchase new wood and nails, and pay for labor if you can't fix the problem yourself.

Low Maintenance

A wood deck will need to be stained, sealed or painted almost annually to ensure it looks good over time. With a decorative concrete patio, you don't have to worry about constant maintenance. You will want to power clean the patio like you would any other type of patio, and every handful of years you may want to have the patio sealed so it keeps it's coloring. This is a much smaller hassle.

Custom Design

You can create a lot of different custom designs with concrete, like a decorative border around the outside of the patio. You can have a concrete fireplace or table poured when the patio is poured, and you can even add columns.

If you want to have a great entertaining and seating area behind your house but you don't want the maintenance associated with a wood patio, find a hardscaping contractor who can assist you. There are many benefits to using concrete, so get estimates and shop around to get the lowest price for your patio project.