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Small Roof Damages That May Cause Bigger Problems

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When many people talk about roof problems, they tend to major on the big issues such as algae growth, shingle damage, or leaking areas of the roof. However, there are other relatively minor roof damages that can also cause serious and costly problems if not promptly fixed. Here are three examples:

Damaged Chimney Cap

The chimney cap is not just an aesthetic installation. Apart from keeping animals out, the cap also prevents rain and snow buildup in the chimney. Moisture buildup in the chimney would be dangerous because it can cause a water leak, rusting of the chimney structure, or even mold growth (which is a serious health risk).

Chimney cap damage can come in different ways. For example,

  • Damage due to wind (it can blow off the cap)
  • Moisture deterioration due to poor/damaged weatherproofing
  • Rusting due to poor maintenance such as lack of painting
  • Cracks due to weather elements

 Smashed Roof Vent

Another relatively small roof installation with important functions is the roof vent.  The vent is the life of your roof. For example, it prevents the buildup of ice dams when the weather is extremely cold. It does this by preventing heat buildup that would otherwise cause premature thawing of snow. When the weather is warm, the ventilation helps to release unconditioned warm attic air thereby conserving energy.

The roof vent can be smashed due to heavy or frequent foot traffic, especially if you like working or walking on your roof for DIY repair. It can also come from animals that frequent your roof. Even falling tree branches can damage the vent. Whatever the cause of the damage, it may result in overheating of the attic and reduced energy efficiency.

Cracked Plumbing Stack Flashing

A roof plumbing vent may look small, but it is also significant because it prevents moisture from running down the plumbing pipe into the house. You can guess how much damage your house would face if this happened; fixing water damage issues tend to be very costly. The plumbing stack flashing usually cracks after several years of use. The damage is caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun as well as temperature fluctuations that cause periodic expansion and contraction.

All these three problems may seem small, but the consequences of not repairing them can be costly. The good news is that you don't need a big budget to carry out the repairs. Therefore, call your roof contractor, try these guys, to offer the appropriate repair whenever you experience any of them on your roof.