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3 Reasons You Should Have A Water Softener Installed Before You Have A Baby

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If you are about to have a baby, then you are most likely overwhelmed with the options of safety equipment and supplies designed for infants. While you may choose to skip many unnecessary items, one thing many parents don't realize they will need is a water softener. Your baby will come into contact with your water several times a day, so it is important to make sure you are providing him or her with the best water possible. Once installed, the rest of your family will benefit from a water softener as well. 

Better Bathing 

Hard water can leave your skin feeling itchy or flaky. This is especially irritating for small babies. Many babies struggle with eczema, acne, and cradle cap, all of which can be exacerbated by hard water. If you regularly rinse your baby in the sink without a water softener after they defecate, you will potentially dry out their skin, leaving them vulnerable to diaper rash. 

A water softener can reduce these symptoms and protect your baby's skin. 

Protect Your Washing Machine 

Babies create an extraordinary amount of laundry for how little they are. You will find yourself doing laundry almost every day, especially if you choose to use cloth diapers. When you are washing clothes so often, the buildup of minerals from hard water in your washing machine will happen more quickly. Additionally, your baby's clothes and toys may become stiff from being washed in hard water, which is likely to irritate their sensitive skin. 

A water softener can extend the life of your washing machine and your often-washed clothing. 

Drinking from the Tap 

Whether you are formula feeding or supplementing with water to prevent dehydration, you should use boiled water for the first six months of your baby's life. However, after that you are free to give your child small amounts of water directly from the tap. You may choose to give your baby water in a bottle or mix it into their food. Water treated with a water softener often tastes better than untreated water, and it has no harsh chemicals that can build up in your baby's body over time. 

If you think you may have hard water, you should either have your water professionally tested or do a home test. If you do have hard water, you should seriously consider the benefits of having a water softener installed before you bring your baby into your home. Contact a company like Albert Soft Water for more information about the benefits and installation of a water softener.