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A Quick Guide to Utility Locating Services

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Whether you work in the commercial sector as a construction contractor, or are a homeowner with a renovation or construction project, there may be a time in which you need to locate and either avoid or move utilities. This can be a very sensitive process, since the last thing you want to do is compromise your electricity, gas, water and other utilities. If you want the job done the right way, you'll need to hire the help of a licensed and insured utility locating services business. As you look into this prospect, consider these tips and benefits of hiring such a company. 

Why should I hire a professional utility location services company?

You have a lot to gain by leaving this work to the pros. One of the greatest benefits of hiring these pros is that they have sophisticated equipment that allows them to pinpoint your utilities without having to dig up the ground and ruin your landscaping. In physically digging up your land to locate your utilities, you might actually end up doing more damage to your utilities. By hiring a professional company, they also have the experience and ability to deal with even the roughest terrain, from standard soil to rigid rocks and dense gravel and sand. 

What types of services do utility location services companies provide?

These contractors are versatile in the services they offer, which include the following sectors:

  • Residential jobs allow you to get precise information on your water and sanitary lines, to assess leaks, change landscape, and enforce boundaries
  • For commercial jobs, these contractors use radar and other technology to route plastic pipes and other utilities during the construction or remodeling phase
  • These companies work in-depth with schooling systems to handle the complex utilities of college campuses

How can I find out how much it will cost?

In order to find the true cost of this service, you will need to request an official quote or estimate from a utility location company. They will be able to weigh the scope and size of your utility location, in order to give you the most accurate and detailed report possible. You can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for the initial hours of the job and close to $100 per hour for extended work. Each company has its own requirements and price structures, so reach out to a handful of companies as you shop around. 

Use this information to your advantage and reach out to a professional company like Delta Geophysics Inc that can look out for you.