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4 Plumbing Jobs You Really Need to Leave to Your Plumber

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It's tempting to tackle small plumbing problems on your own. You defeated that hefty hair clog in the shower, so you should be able to handle anything else, right? The reality is that as plumbing problems grow larger, they become more difficult to track and to deal with properly. Having a professional in your corner means that he or she has seen and dealt with just about every plumbing issue out there.

Clearing Clogs in the Main Drain Line

When all your drains back up at the same time, you know it isn't an isolated problem. You're most likely dealing with a clog in the main line, and that means big issues. The entire plumbing system needs to be snaked and the clog traced to its location. If the clog originates near the septic tank or the sewer lines, then it's a problem that you definitely cannot handle on your own. Plus, you'll likely need help from the city or the county, particularly if you're on the municipal sewer system.

Replacing Pipes

Whether you've got pipes that froze and burst or just pipes that are old and rusty, you aren't prepared for what you'll find when you start replacing all of those pipes. There are a lot more than you realize tied into your plumbing system, and you need the help of a professional to make sure that each pipe is properly assessed and replaced.

Replacing a Septic Tank

Septic tank failure is a huge problem since that's your entire sewer system right there. Septic tanks are huge, averaging a capacity of around 1,500 gallons. Replacing the septic tank involves digging out the old one and making sure that no waste contaminates the groundwater during that process. Then a new tank needs to be installed, along with connections to the house and drain fields.

Fixing Leaks inside Walls

If your walls start dripping water, that's a sure-fire sign that you have a leaking pipe inside the wall. You'll need to shut off the water and then locate exactly the right leaking pipe. Leave this one up to the professionals, since the site of the leak can actually be farther away from the source of the leak than you think. Plumbers have experience tracing these leaks and getting them solved before your home needs new drywall in every room.

When you're facing huge plumbing problems, you need an expert plumbing service. Call a service today, such as Lewis Plumbing, that can assess the problem and correct it for you right away.