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Replacing A Custom Glass Pane

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If you have had an incident occur where a custom glass window pane has broken, you will want to take the necessary steps in replacing it as soon as possible to help avoid injury. Often custom glass panes are relatively small in size, using several panes to make a pattern in a window. This type of pane replacement may be done on your own if you have the proper tools. Here are some instructions to follow when doing a small custom glass window pane replacement yourself.

Remove The Broken Pane

Place a tarp or sheet on the floor or ground on each side of the affected window to help contain any pieces of glass as you remove them from the frame. Put on a pair of heavy-duty gloves to help protect your hands. Place a few pieces of masking tape over the pieces of glass in the broken pane to help keep them from falling to the ground when you start pulling them out of the frame. Tap the glass lightly with a hammer to help dislodge the edges from the frame and pull the shards out with your gloved hands. Smaller pieces can be picked out with a pair of tweezers.

Prepare To Replace The Glass

Place a piece of cardboard over the open area in the frame to keep hot or cold air and insects from coming into your house while you wait to get a replacement piece of glass. Go to a local glass service to have a new glass pane cut. Give them the measurements of the open enclosure and trace the opening on a piece of paper so they can cut you a new piece of glass that will fit perfectly in the enclosure. Wash down the interior of the opening and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Place The New Glass Pane

Have a friend help you place the new pane in the window by having them stand on one side of the window while you work on the other side. If the window is on an upper floor and you need to work from a ladder, have a second friend spot you while on the ladder. Use glass putty to place the new pane in the frame. Have your friend hold the glass in place from other side of the window from which you are standing and roll out a piece of glass putty in a cylindrical shape to place along the perimeter, parallel to each side of the glass. 

Center the putty so the width of the cylinder is centered over both the edge of the glass and the frame and push it down to hold the glass in the opening. Repeat on the other side of the window. Allow the putty to harden and use a razor blade or utility knife to remove any excess pieces.

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