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Gutter Cleaning Tips

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You never hear anyone say "I can't wait to clean my gutters!" Nobody wants to clean out their gutters, but it's a chore that needs to be done in order to keep your home maintained. Clean gutters doesn't just keep rainwater from overflowing and possibly getting you wet. It also keeps rainwater off of your roof. When water accumulates in your gutters, it can cause water damage to your roof and possibly a leak in your home, so cleaning out your gutters is a must. See below for some helpful gutter cleaning tips to make this chore less of a "chore."

Get On The Roof

Rather than climbing up and down your ladder and moving it every two feet, climb your ladder once and get onto your roof. You'll get a clear view of your gutters and you may feel a little more steady being on the roof, rather than on a shaky ladder.

Have The Right Tools

Be sure when you go up to the roof that you have all the tools needed for the job. This way you won't have to climb back down if you've forgotten something. 

  • Bucket. The bucket/garbage bag is for the leaves and other debris that has fallen into your gutters.
  • Shovel. Using a small shovel makes it a little easier to remove the debris, rather than using your hands, although a plastic spatula works just as well and won't leave scratches behind on your gutters. You can also take a milk jug and cut the top and side of it off. Use it to help scoop out the debris from your gutters.
  • Garden Hose. Use the hose to clean up any mud/dirt that is leftover in your gutters, and to ensure you don't have any clogs in your downspouts.

Clear Out Clogs

To check for clogs, just place the hose in the downspout and look to be sure water comes out the bottom of the downspout. If the water backs up into your gutters, you most likely have a clog. Tap the outside of the downspout to figure out where the clog is located. A clear downspout will sound hollow. You can try filling the downspout with water again and turn the water to full force. This will help force the clog out.

Other Tools

If getting on a ladder or getting up onto the roof are completely out of the question for you, you can still get your gutters clean. Try using a leaf blower with an extra long hose attachment made from PVC piping. You can also use an attachment on your hose that has a strong spray and a hooked end so you can get into your gutters. These tools may make cleaning your gutters a little messier, so be sure to wear old clothing and protective eye-wear.

Cleaning your gutters doesn't have to be a chore, but it is definitely one chore that every homeowner should do at least once per year. Contact a professional gutter cleaning company to have your gutters cleaned and inspected if you are unable to do so yourself.