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Important Information About Clogged And Sluggish Drains

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Have you recently moved into a home, only to find out that the plumbing situation is less than ideal? Does draining the bathtub cause the kitchen sink to back up or run more slowly? Clogged drains can be extremely annoying to deal with. If you feel like you're at your wit's end when it comes to sluggish or slow moving drains, here are some things you can try: 

Flush your bathroom vent stack: Your vent stack is a pipe that runs from your toilet, up through your home and ends above your roof. It's necessary to allow sewer gasses to vent from your sewer line, which in turn helps your toilet to flush properly. If your toilet gurgles when you flush and there is a sewer odor in your bathroom, that's a good sign that your vent stack is clogged. The top of your vent stack may have come off, allowing leaves and other organic matter to enter, or it may simply have become clogged with sewer waste. Whatever the cause, you may be able to flush it out by running a hose up to your roof and spraying water down into your vent stack. Depending on what caused the clog, you may still need a professional drain cleaning in order to ensure that all of the debris is flushed to your septic tank or the sewer, but doing this should solve at least some of your issue.

Avoid chemical drain openers: When your kitchen or bathroom drains are clogged with food or hair debris, you may be tempted to simply pour a bottle of chemical drain opener down the drain. Unfortunately, this type of drain cleaning could do more harm than good. Most chemical drain openers will heat up when they come in contact with food or other organic debris. If you have an excessive clog and PVC pipes, adding a chemical drain opener could create enough heat to melt some of your pipes. In addition, this type of chemical will create a hazard for any plumbers you might call later. If you want to try to remedy the situation yourself, look for an enzyme-based cleaner. These contain natural enzymes and beneficial bacteria that will slowly eat away at organic material lodged in your pipes. This type of treatment isn't appropriate for severely clogged pipes, due to the amount of time it can take. If your pipes are completely, or almost completely, closed, you'll need to have a professional plumber snake out your sewer pipes. 

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