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Own An Airport And Need Extra Room For Planes? 4 Tips On Choosing A Portable Aircraft Hangar

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If you own an airport and do not have enough room to house all of your planes, or if you need to store a plane for a short time, you can use a portable aircraft hangar.  Before you purchase one, below is some information to help you choose the right type that will work best for you.

Funding and Rules and Regulations

You may be able to obtain a federal airport grant to help you pay for your portable hangar. If you do receive one, there are rules and regulations you will have to follow set by the Federal Aviation Administration. This is only if the aircraft hangar is on the property of an airport. If you have the hangar on land that you own, you would not have to follow the regulations.  The Federal Aviation Administration can help you find a grant for your hangar if you need one.

Choose the Right Size

The first thing you need to determine is the size of hangar you need. Consider purchasing one larger than the aircraft you currently have if you ever plan to own a larger aircraft in the future. This will ensure that there will be enough room to store all of your planes and easily access them. If you have a manual that came with the aircraft, the size of the plane should be listed there. If not, you will have to measure it yourself. When measuring, calculate the height and width measuring the full wing span.

Choose the Right Material

You can find portable aircraft hangars made of polyvinyl chloride (PV) fabric. Fabric is often used because of the portability. They are generally constructed with galvanized steel or power-coated aluminum. A fabric aircraft hangar can be set up much quicker, is lightweight, and they can be securely anchored to any surface.

Choose the Right Design

You can have the aircraft hangar custom designed for you. There are a wide range of door options, such as floating, sliding or bi-parting door systems. There are translucent fabrics that will allow natural light to come through. This will save you money because it cuts down on cooling and heating costs. Interior and exterior lighting and climate control are some other features you will find. To make sure you have the right design, contact a custom design service to help you.

When you start shopping for the portable hangar, you should know that you may have to pay for the hangar and the hangar door separately, as they may not come as a complete system.