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Is It Safe To Lay New Roof Shingles Over The Old Ones?

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When it comes to reroofing, you want to make as little work for yourself as possible. Part of this could be laying new shingles over the old ones. Is this possible, or will you create more work for yourself in the future? Here's a look at all you need to know.

Does Your Building Code Allow It?

You'll need to check the local building codes. This type of installation is possible, but not always allowed by the government. If the codes explicitly disallow it, you'll need to follow them to avoid prosecution or more work for you in the future. There may also be requirements that you need to meet before you install new over old.

Are Any Shingles Damaged?

While you can place new over old, you'll need to avoid placing new over damaged ones. This will affect the structure and durability of your newer shingles. Remove any damaged shingles, whether due to the elements, rot, bugs, or other damage. If the structure of your roofing is damaged, you'll need to repair this first before relaying anything.

Will the Warranty Stand?

When reroofing, you'll get a new warranty from the manufacturer. This isn't affected by the way you choose to reroof. Laying over the old shingles doesn't affect the durability or cause excess risk to the new ones.

In fact, the new roofing may be better by laying the new shingles over old. This is because you create a second barrier to protect your home. It may be better insulated and more protected from the elements.

Will It Work with All Shingles?

This is only possible with asphalt shingles, rather than with slate or wood options. You should always use the same types of material when you are reroofing, rather than completely removing and starting again. Trying to lay over other types of materials can affect the structure and durability.

It is worth noting that reroofing with asphalt shingles isn't always recommended, either. The shingles work better on flat surfaces, which going over an older layer of shingles doesn't offer. One thing that you can do is place a layer of felt in between to create a flatter layer to work with.

Reroofing can be quicker and cheaper than removing the shingles and then laying down the new ones. It is possible, but it is not always recommended. Consider all your options and needs to determine if this is something you should do. Contact a company like Gulfside Roofing Inc to learn more.