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3 Important Questions To Ask Your New Plumber

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Having a reliable plumber to call on when a pipe bursts, a toilet clogs, or the water heater isn't pumping water is essential if you want to ensure that you don't get stressed out in these situations. When hiring a new plumber, it's always a good idea to sit down for an initial consultation so you can get to know them better and learn about their work ethics. Here are a few important questions that should be asked upon your first meeting:

Are Warranties Available?

It's important to find out what kind of warranties, if any, are available for the items they'll be using when making repairs or updates to your home as time goes on. Are the pipes covered under a manufacturer's warranty and can you purchase an extended version? Are the sinks, water heaters, and other equipment your plumber supplies coverable under extended warranties, even if you end up having to buy one from a third party? Make a list of warranty questions that come to your mind so you don't overlook anything important when consulting with your new plumber.

What Qualifications Does Your Staff Have?

If your plumber will be working with staff members when servicing your home, it's a good idea to learn about their qualifications ahead of time. Make sure that anyone working on your home is properly licensed and insured, and has at least a few months of plumbing experience. By personally confirming that the staff is qualified, you'll have a clear understanding of the quality of service you can expect from your new plumber, and you'll minimize the risk of things going wrong while a job is being completed.

How Long Is the Work Guaranteed For?

Any work that your plumber and their team completes should be guaranteed against things like malfunctions for a specific period of time afterward. After all, you shouldn't have to pay for problems you didn't create or for work that wasn't properly completed. Ask your plumber what kinds of guarantees they offer and how long those guarantees are in place after completion of a project. Have them provide you with written documentation for their guarantees so you know exactly how to go about making claims if it becomes necessary at some point in the future.

Getting answers to these questions will help ensure that there aren't any unwanted surprises that pop up during a repair or maintenance call. For more information, talk to a professional like Towers Murray Plumbing.