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3 Big Well Water System Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

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You have made your way away from the hustle and bustle of an urban location and found yourself the owner of a lovely new water well. Being in charge of your own water works definitely has its perks and advantages, but owning a well also means it becomes your responsibility to maintain your private water supply. Because wells pretty much never come with an owner's manual or even instructions, it is all too easy to make a mistake that can put your water supply in jeopardy. Here is a quick look at a few of the most common mistakes new well owners make with their well water system that you should try to avoid. 

Mistake: Not making sure old wells on the property are sealed.

Why? You take on ownership of a property and discover you are not just lucky enough to have one well, but two. While this may seem like a good thing, having more than one well on your property can actually be a direct route to contamination. Old wells are common because sometimes, wells do run dry and property owners have a new one installed. Any time there is an older well on your property, it needs to be properly sealed off so it does not cause contamination of your water supply. 

Mistake: Not being careful when landscaping around the opening of a water well.

Why? When you are performing landscaping duties around your private water well, you really do have to be cautious. Grass clippings, leaves, and other debris thrown into a well by a passing mower can easily cause problems with contamination. Always mow in a way that clippings will be thrown in the opposite direction of your well and do what you can to ensure the opening is protected. Having a good well cover in place will help deter some of these concerns.

Mistake: Not keeping good records of well maintenance.

Why? Your well is important because water is an absolute necessity. Sometimes, it is easier to see problems on the horizon with a water well by looking at the steady increase of contaminants in the water supply or concurrent issues that arise. If you do not keep good records of water tests and well maintenance, it can be difficult to garner a good grasp on how well your well is functioning through the years. Document every maintenance task associated with your well and keep this information in a safe place.

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