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Why Granite Is a Good Natural Stone to Choose for Your Countertops

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There are many materials used to make countertops today, so you'll have a lot to consider when you upgrade your kitchen. When it comes to natural stone, granite is a popular choice. One reason granite is so popular is because it comes in a wide variety of colors, plus it is very durable. Here is a quick look at why granite is a good countertop material.

Granite Is As Natural As You Can Get

Granite is mined from the earth in long slabs. These slabs are sent to a fabricator that polishes the slabs and cuts them into custom lengths to fit counters. There is no resin, dye, sand, or concrete added to the material. Your countertops are made from natural stone just as it came out of the earth with the exception of it being polished to enhance its appearance, much like a rock collector polishes rocks. The only thing unnatural about granite countertops is the sealer applied periodically to keep it waterproof.

Granite Countertops Have No Seams

Since you buy granite in long slabs, there is no need for seams. The granite is a single long piece across the length of the counter. This makes it more visually appealing, and it also makes the surface more sanitary since there are no grooves to hold onto crumbs and bacteria. However, if your counter has an unusual shape, or if there is some reason the installer needs to seam two pieces of granite together around a sink, then it can be done. An experienced granite installer can seam together granite so that the pieces are secure and the seam blends in as best as possible.

Granite Is Hard, Durable, And Easy To Maintain

Granite is a hard stone, so it is very durable. Since it is so hard, it is a good surface for kneading dough, which is nice if you like to bake. Being hard, you don't have to worry about denting it if you drop a pan on your countertop as might happen with a softer stone material. As long as you keep the granite sealed properly, you won't have to worry about spills seeping into the stone and causing stains. Because fluids don't get into the stone when it's sealed, you don't have to worry about bacteria from raw meat seeping into the countertops either.

This makes it very easy to keep your granite clean and sanitary so it is a safe place to prepare your meals. All you have to do is wash the surface with a soapy cloth and rinse it clean. Rinsing is important so no soap scum makes the surface cloudy. Dry with a towel and your maintenance is done. You'll also want to apply a sealer according to the schedule recommended by your granite installer, which shouldn't be more often than every few years. Sealing is as easy as applying it and then wiping it off much like you do with furniture polish.

Another good thing about going with granite is that it is popular now, which makes your home look trendy. This could be important if you're remodeling your kitchen to put your home on the market. If you don't plan to sell your home, granite is still a good choice because you'll enjoy how it gives your kitchen an upscale look. For more information, see a website such as http://empiremarblegranite.com.