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Expand Your Project Range With Stud Welding

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As a welder, it is easy to specialize in a certain area. For example, a welder who has contracts with an oil field might not see much benefit in taking on work not typically seen in an oil field. However, the best way to survive changing market conditions is to make sure you are able to take on a wide variety of projects so that your skills are never out of demand. Buying and learning how to use stud welding equipment is just one way to expand your repertoire. 

What Is Stud Welding?

Depending on how you learned welding, you may or may not already know what stud welding is. In basic terms, stud welding involves using an arc to weld a stud to a sheet of metal. The arc partially melts the stud as well as the metal that you will adhere it to. The stud is then pressed into the pool of metal the arc has created, and as the metal cools, the stud becomes joined to the metal. While you could join the stud with a peripheral weld, the bond formed with stud welding is stronger and more cosmetically appealing (there is little sign of the weld at all). 

What Are Other Benefits of Stud Welding?

As compared to other types of welding, there is not much risk of splatter with stud welding. For example, with a peripheral weld, you could have splatter that could damage the project you are working on. Stud welding does not pose much risk of smoking, so you can use it on metal objects that have already been painted. Stud welding is fast; the whole process takes under a second. 

What Is Needed for Stud Welding?

In order to perform stud welding, you need studs that are designed for the process, a stud-welding gun, and ferrules. The ferrules are not required, but they help to guide the welding process and help to decrease splatter. If you keep studs and a stud-welding gun on hand, you should be able to take on stud-welding projects whenever they arise. 

Stud welding is not a complicated process, but it may require a little bit of training and practice to get the hang of it. Because stud welding has implementations in all sorts of projects and industries, buying stud welding equipment and learning how to use it effectively can help you to expand your desirability as a welder.