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Three Areas To Clean Before Moving Into Your New House

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Cleaning up a home so that it looks shiny and new when you move in can make you even more excited about your new place. Before you move, you should do a deep cleaning to make sure the floors under your furniture are clean and the cabinets for your pots and pans are spotless. Along with cleaning the interior of the home, there are a few big, but obscure, areas to think about cleaning, as well. Here are three areas to have inspected and cleaned before you move into a newly purchased home. 

Chimney cleaning 

If you have a lovely fireplace in your new home, that also means you have a chimney to care for. Getting the chimney taken care of is important, as you want to make sure there are no bats or birds inside the chimney. The chimney will also need to be free from any loose soot that could move around when you light the fireplace. Have a proper contracting firm come out to clean and inspect the health of your chimney. For more information about chimney health and inspection, talk to companies like Allstate Chimney Service.

HVAC systems

The last thing you want to do is move into a home during the summer or winter and find out the air conditioning or heating is broken. Have an HVAC servicing firm inspect your system and give it the OK before you move in. Even if the system is in good health, you should have the filters changed and the vents cleaned out. This will ensure that hot or cold air can easily blow through to heat and cool the home. 

Septic systems

Not only can septic systems be messy, but they can be costly. Many septic systems sit inside of the backyard, forgotten until there is a septic issue at the home. Septic system issues can easily run into the thousands of dollars, so it is best to have them checked before you sign on the dotted line for the home. Have a contracted inspector check out the septic system of the home. If the system needs to be cleaned out, have it properly cleaned at least one week before trying to move in. After the system is cleaned, check all of the plumbing inside of the home for signs of any further issues. If all is well, you can take up residence in your new abode without worry.