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Stamped Asphalt: A Closer Look At The Advantages For Your Home Driveway

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When you are making changes to your property to elevate its overall value, installing an asphalt driveway is one idea that is bound to come up. Just this one change can up your home's curb appeal and give you a good chance of reaping a higher return if you decide to sell. Plus, these powerhouses of home driveways can last 15 years or more with proper care. However, if you are going to go with asphalt, why not just up the game a little more and pick a stamped asphalt design. Even though stamped asphalt is a relatively new thing, it definitely proves to be worthy. Here are some advantages of a stamped asphalt driveway:

Give your driveway that look of something extra for curb appeal. 

A smooth and well-maintained asphalt drive automatically makes your home look better. However, adding a stamped pattern to the mix takes it all to a new level. The asphalt driveway can be stamped with a range of shapes and designs, whether you want a slight texture for a natural appearance or a brick pattern for a distinguished look. It is even a good idea to go with a driveway pattern that reflects other patterns in your landscape or homes exterior. For example, a brick paver style stamped driveway will look amazing next to a landscape bordered with stones of a similar size and shape. 

Give your driveway what it needs to ward off moisture. 

The stamped asphalt looks good, but it also has a little-hidden secret. The ridges that are left because of the stamping will help water flow away from the surface of the driveway, which is incredibly important if you get a lot of rain in your area. Erosion is one of the biggest worries with an asphalt driveway in high-precipitation areas, but stamped asphalt naturally pulls moisture down into the crevices and routes it out of the area. 

Give your driveway surface a little more traction during slippery situations. 

When the snow falls, ice comes down, or rain gathers, the smooth surface of an asphalt driveway can get pretty slippery to walk on. With a little texturing that is done through stamping during asphalt installation, the surface of your driveway will offer more traction so you are less likely to slip and fall in certain types of weather. Likewise, you may even be able to get a little more traction with your car. 

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