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Three Layout Considerations When Building A Home You'll Live In With Kids

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The great thing about having your own home built is that you have some level of control over every aspect, from the color of the walls to the actual floor plan. If you have kids, then of course you need to take their needs into consideration when working with your builder, someone from a place like David James Custom Homes, to design a home. Since the layout is something that really can't be changed later on, you need to pay the utmost attention to this detail. Here are three layout considerations when you're building a home in which you will live with kids.

How far apart do you want the bedrooms?

When you have little kids, you may not want your bedroom too close to your own since you probably stay up later than they do and don't want any noise you make to keep them up. And later in life, you may not want their music drifting into yours! You probably don't want the bedrooms on complete opposite sides of the home either, since this will make it harder to keep an eye on your kids when they are little, but you probably do want at least another room or hall between them.

Do you need a mudroom?

If you live in the country and your kids will be engaging in activities like four-wheeling and gardening, then you may want to arrange your home so that there's a room they can enter and take off their dirty clothing without having to first wander through the rest of the home. You could make this room double as your laundry room. Give it a separate entrance and place it on the side of the home.

Is an open kitchen or closed floor plan better suited for your needs?

It's becoming more popular for the downstairs floors of homes to have one large, open space instead of separate kitchens and living rooms. This approach has both pros and cons when you have kids. An open floor plan lets you supervise them as they watch TV and play while you cook dinner. However, it does make it harder for anyone to have any privacy when they need to do homework or spend time with a friend. If you choose an open floor plan, you may want to include a den or study in your home for these purposes. 

To learn more about the best layout choices for homes with kids, talk to your building contractor and ask what has worked for their previous clients.