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Surveyors: How Do They Help?

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When you're eager to buy any land parcels, your realtor may recommend enlisting surveyors to have a look at the land for you. You might not be familiar with these professionals or how they can provide value to your efforts. Surveyors give you a deeper understanding of the land you're considering, so you can ensure the purchase is one that you won't regret. For instance, their tasks can include the following.

1-Boundary Surveying

A common project for surveyors is to find, verify, and measure the real boudaries of land parcels. Any piece of land you buy will have a deed that you can find at the county hall of records. In the deed, there is bound to be a legal description of the parcel. This description can sometimes be difficult to read and even more difficult to walk off and verify yourself. That's where surveyors come in.

A surveyor will pull a copy of the parcel's deed, and then survey the land themselves to ensure that the land you think you're buying is in fact the land you'd be buying. Why is this important? For one thing, because many people don't read through their deed's legal description of the parcel, there may be friendly agreements with neighbors in place where fences and structures have been built. These structures may sit on someone else's land, and no one ever checked to be sure. However, to protect your own legal and financial investments in the parcel, you want to ensure that everything you build is on your land and that you won't ever have a problem with someone claiming your structures are on their parcels.

2-Land Exploring

If the parcel is very large, you may not be able to view and assess it for yourself. Surveyors can do a "deep dive" for you and give you an idea of the parcel's landscape. This may be especially beneficial if you hope to subdivide the parcel at a later time.

3-Parcel Subdividing

There are times when only large land parcels are available, which could cause a problem for you if you only want a small one to build on. However, surveyors can solve that problem for you. They can assist you in subdividing any large parcels, so you can sell off the parts of the land you don't want to use. They will conduct the measurements and description writing so that you have multiple parcels available.

Surveyors are professional partners who can make your actions and choices about land easier. Visit local professionals for land guidance and help.