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A Fall Home Care Guide

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Fall temperatures are a precursor to colder winter temps, but this doesn't mean that it doesn't get frigid during these months also. In fact, fall can be downright cold, to the point of making your home miserable to live in, unless you take the proper provisions. Temperatures aside, you need to also be sure you know the other strategies that will help your home brave fall weather, as you move into the winter. If this concerns you, look into the following tips explained here, so that you can protect yourself and your house. 

Get Ready For Fall Wind, Rain and Cold Weather 

Fall brings dreary weather, so you need to be sure your home can take it. Get your windows checked so that you're not dealing with chilly drafts due to poor sealing or loose glass. You would do well to get your entire home inspected to avoid these drafts and to prevent water leaks. Call up a tree specialist that can either chop or trim the trees close to your house. This will help to both minimize the fall of leaves and branches onto your home. 

Take Care of Your Leaves as Soon as You Can

Fall and leaves go hand in hand, so be sure you can address them. To avoid having leaves clog your gutters, install a leaf guard from a place like A1 Seamless Gutters. This way, rain won't create puddles due to clogs. You should also grab a rake and take care of your leaves as early as possible to prevent your yard from becoming littered with them. If you need new gutters, get estimates and learn the gutter types on the market. This is an installation that will cost about $2,000 or so.

Call Up People That Can Fix Your Furnace 

This is the best season for you to check on your furnace to be sure it stays warm. Cut it on early in the fall so you don't wait for winter to find out whether it's working or not. You can get a furnace tuneup for about $70, which can save you some effort later on. By knocking out this tuneup now instead of waiting for winter, you can get repairs before everyone in your community rushes out to get them around Thanksgiving and Christmas. You will especially want to get your furnace looked at if you are planning to have family in town visiting for the holidays. 

Your home will stay warm and safe when you use these tips.