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Add Functionality To Your Home With The Addition Of A Laundry Room

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When you first looked at your home when it was listed for sale, you may have loved the fact that it had washer and dryer hookups. It may have been easy to get excited because a lot of apartment and condo communities have shared laundry facilities. However, you may not love the location of the washer and dryer hookups as it forces you to do laundry in a certain area. So, you may be interested in creating a laundry room where you can handle all your laundry-related tasks.

Getting help with creating the laundry room will minimize the chance that anything goes wrong, and you can get assistance when coming up with the design for the greatest results.

Folding Station

While you may have a washer and dryer already, you may not have a dedicated space for folding your laundry. This may encourage each family member to bring their clothes into their own bedrooms where they can fold everything of theirs. But, you will benefit from creating a folding station as it will give you a flat and hard surface to make folding easy and less time-consuming.

A huge advantage that comes with a folding station is that you will have a dedicated place for ironing clothes and removing stains because applying stain removal products will be easier.


When you make your laundry room, you get to choose whether you want side-by-side or stacking laundry appliances. If you do not have much extra space in your home, you can opt for side-by-side to reduce how much space you must add to the home or take away from other areas.

If you are determined to have a top-load washer and dryer, you will need to commit to a side-by-side setup because this will not be an option with stacking appliances.


Although you may have gotten by with using minimal storage for laundry, you should not hesitate to add lots of storage space in the laundry room. If you do not have much room for storing washcloths and towels in your bathrooms or closets, you may have held back from picking up extras.

But, you can store these things in your laundry room and when you put several towels in the washer, you can instantly replace them with clean and folded towels from the laundry room.

Another way that you can use the storage space is for an iron and cleaning supplies. You can keep bleach, stain remover, laundry detergent, and fabric softening liquid all in the same place.

Improving your home's functionality is easy to do when you add a laundry room while considering the most useful features that you can incorporate.

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