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Dealing With Septic Tank And Drain Field Issues That Need Repairs

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If your home is one of the millions across the country that relies on a septic system, the problems with the tank or the drain field can cause problems with the plumbing in your home. Therefore, you want to be able to identify problems that are causing slow drains and backed-up pipes in your home. The following advice will help you trace the problems with your household plumbing back to your septic system to determine the type of repairs that are going to be needed:

Overburden and Solids That Should Stay Out of Tanks

One of the biggest problems with septic systems is overburden in the tank, which can come from excessive water consumption and cause the tank to become full quickly. This can lead to problems with the drain field and solids not breaking down as they should. In addition, materials that get inside the tank that should not be there can also cause problems that eventually make their way to the drain field.

Deterioration of Old Drain Fields

The deterioration of old drain fields can cause problems with blockages that backup to your tank, and eventually, make their way to the plumbing in your home. Sometimes, these blockages are due to sediments and debris, but they may be due to collapsed lines. If there are collapsed drain field lines, you will need to talk to a repair service about some of the options to restore or replace them.

Over Saturated Soils of Drain Fields

The soils of old drain fields can become oversaturated with effluent, which causes them not to filter the waste as they should. There are several options to solve this problem, such as soil restoration or replacing the drain field lines with a secondary drain field in a different location. Installing a secondary drain field will allow the original location to recover, and it can be reused if it is needed in the future after the soils have recovered.

Poor Distribution Designs and Problems with Distribution Boxes

The drain field of your septic system relies on distribution to evenly disperse the effluent or liquids from your tank. If the effluent is not evenly distributed, it can cause problems with the percolation (filtration through soils). To solve these problems, talk to a repair service about options like installing a distribution pump and repairing the distribution box of your system that is causing the problems.

Problems with plumbing and septic systems can be difficult to pinpoint the cause and have the right repairs done. Therefore, you want to make sure you contact a professional septic tank drain field repair service to ensure that your problems are solved to put an end to your plumbing troubles.