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4 Money-Saving Tips for Your Custom Home Build

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You've budgeted carefully and you are ready to take the plunge into building the custom home of your dream. It's no secret that many home builds end up going over budget, so it is always a good idea to save up more than you think you will need. You should also implement some of the following tips to help ensure that your custom home stays as close to budget as possible.

1. Tour a Lot of Homes

You may have an idea of what you want in your custom home, but it's all too easy to let your imagination run away with your wallet. Take the time to tour model homes by various custom builders in your area. Take careful notes on both the quality of the builds as well as on room arrangement and flow, builder details, and the overall feel of the home. By touring homes and seeing your dreams in reality, you can make a better-informed decision on what features are must-have in your custom build and which aren't necessary.

2. Pick a Customizable Plan

You have two options when designing a custom home -- bringing in an architect to design a home from scratch or working with a customizable plan from your builder. The architect option can be more costly since you must pay both an architect and pay to have the plan approved by your municipality. Many home builders have a portfolio of plans that you can choose from and then customize to fit your needs. Not only are these customizable plans less expensive compared to hiring an architect, but your builder also will also have experience with the designs and can likely give a more accurate budget quote.

3. Research Your Lot

The wrong lot can drive your building costs way over budget. Walk lots with your builder before making an offer on the land. Some things that can affect your build price when it comes to the lot include steep grades, high water table, potential sinkholes, and the distance from utility and municipal sewer hookups. It's a false economy to save on the lot's purchase price if it is going to cost thousands of dollars to run power on the property.

4. Choose Budget Friendly Features

Finally, know which features are a must and which ones aren't as important. This may mean using attractive but builder's grade doorknobs and hinges instead of the expensive designer options. Or, you may want to install less expensive laminate flooring instead of costly hardwood. Your builder can help you choose which features are the best ones to cut costs.

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