Owning a Home: Knowing When to Call in the Pros

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Lighting The Way: Professional Installers Reduce Light Pollution When Adding New Landscape Lighting

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If you’re a homeowner who is redoing his or her landscaping, don’t make the lighting design a DIY project. While landscape lighting seems like a simple issue if you know where you want the lights to go, it’s actually quite complicated because you have to take light pollution into account. Landscape lighting can actually create light pollution that affects people miles away from the original light source. While your one yard might not seem like such a big deal by itself, when added to all the other lighting in your city, it packs quite a punch. Read More»

How Air Conditioning Decreases Upper Respiratory Infections

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Central air conditioners pull moisture-dense and hot air out of your home and cool it. Then they release the cooled air, along with some of the moisture, back into your home. In the southern half of the U.S. where it is warmer all year long, the humidity levels in your home can fluctuate drastically from day to day, depending on the amount of humidity in and out of your home. This causes upper respiratory illnesses, just as it would if you lived in the northern U. Read More»